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Advanced Firearm Training Class Monroe County TN

A four-hour course designed to give the attendee a skill set beyond basic firearm qualification. Class is held indoors at Self Defense Solutions Classroom and lasts approximately 4 hours. This course develops skills and has no live fire at the range. Students will use their own carry gun and SIRT (Laser) pistols. Upon completion, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Low Light Shooting – Introduction to Night Vision Defense

Low Light Shooting Introduction to Night Vision Defense Advanced Firearm Classes East Tennessee

If you have never trained to shoot in low light you need to give this a try.

You will be shocked at how difficult it is to hit your target in low light situations.

Gun Orientation Class


Basic information about handguns and handgun safety.

You will learn how to handle your gun and exactly how it works.  No gun necessary.

Great information by Tim Williams, Instructor/Gunsmith.

Class is every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

You must call us at 423-442-7486 to register.

Cost of class is $10

Advanced Training Camp


Some level of firearm proficiency is needed for this 2-day event.

Aggressive shooting techniques, use of cover and concealment, self defense in the home and in public are discussed. Some classroom, but most of the class is held at our range.

Emphasis is on aggressive techniques used to overwhelm your attacker.

Moving and shooting from various positions requires physical exertion, and we do not recommend this class for the “occasional” shooter.

Students should expect to shoot upwards of 100 rounds.

Cost is $199 and is a 2-day event.

Self Defense Course


This 3 hour class is one of the most requested classes we offer.

Our Black Belt Instructor teaches “moves” that could save your life.

You will learn what NOT to do when confronted, and what TO DO when attacked.

No pads or special equipment is needed. You won’t be thrown on the ground or manhandled.

You will learn what you need to know to “get away” without becoming a victim.

Cost is $49 / Person.

Classes are usually the third Friday evening of each month.