TN Handgun Carry Permit


TN Handgun Carry Permit Classes

  • Description Designed for persons desiring qualification to obtain a permit to carry a handgun. Course topics meet the requirements of the State of Tennessee. 8 hours course. Classroom and range qualification.  

  • Cost: (Includes Classroom and Range)
    – $75 (Pre-Register) 
    $85 (Day of Class)

Permit Class Agenda

  • You begin Class with a piping hot cup of coffee and a fresh donut
  • Your Instructors introduce themselves and go over house-keeping, breaks, questions, etc…
  • Instruction begins with discussion of:
    1) Firearms and the three most common modern firearms
    2) Safety issues are discussed in great detail
    3) Handling a gun
    4) Components of handguns
    5) Lots lots of demonstrations and plenty of humor
    6) Gun history, shooting stance and grip are practical exercises
    7) Operating your pistol in detail
    8) What to expect at the range
    9) More safety concerns for the range
    10) Cleaning your gun and maintenance
  • We then serve the pizza you ordered and watch a movie.
  • We take a short exam and grade it
  • We then head to the range where several instructors will be right behind you when you shoot in case you have any problems and to make sure you are s safe.
  • You shoot 50 bullets: 20 from 9 feet; 20 from 15 feet and 10 from 21 feet.
  • We give you your Training Certificate after you shoot and you then are authorized to go the TN Dept. of Motor Vehicles to apply for your permit.

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