What Our Students Say…


East Tennessee Firearms Handgun Training School Madisonville Testimonials

Enjoyed the instructors knowledge and citing real life situations.


I liked how the instructors went over everything in great detail.

Cory D.

The instructors are very helpful and informative.

Shannon H.

Liked best the discussion of sight alignment and shooting attitude.

Aaron P.

I liked the in depth details about cleaning the firearm and what holster to look at.

Jacob S.

Instructors were great! They gave a lot of useful information.


Thanks to you all for providing us with the sound knowledge of the responsibilities of personal protection ie, carrying a weapon. The class taught me a lot about safety while handling, cleaning and storing my firearm. Most of all, it made me think about why I was participating in the course and what it means to have the privilege to brandish a firearm on my person. I learned that one must understand that if you draw your weapon, you had better really understand what the end result could be.


Very informative, friendly, relaxing and I was scared of guns.


Class was very relaxed and comfortable with no pressure.


It was a great class, I have told many of my girlfriends how much I learned about a lot of things and that you guys have several self defense items there that are not guns for the more anti gun people. The taser flashlights and key chains,  etc. It’s a dangerous world out there.